Monday, August 27, 2007

Here we go


(Memphis, TN) The People Could Fly Project, five sisters and students from Memphis, TN announce a 48-hour journey across the United States realizing an American folktale of Africans who fly from slavery to freedom. Beginning the morning of Tuesday, August 28 the sisters, ages 15 to 21 will travel for 48 hours flying from Memphis to cities such as Washington DC, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and New York sharing this story and other tales of human flight.
The folktale for which they travel is most notably found in children’s book author Virginia Hamilton’s book of Black American folktales, The People Could Fly. Hamilton, recipient of the McArthur Genius award, The National Book Award, and the Hans Christian Anderson award was known for her great contributions to multi-cultural children’s literature. The sisters will take this story and other children’s books of flight along their journey across the United States as they exchange with fellow travelers about the power of dreams, belief, and flight.
Beginning on the 44th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech and the bicentennial of the end of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the sisters hope their flight will be a living celebration of people who continue to create new human realities of freedom through the belief in and pursuit of their dreams.

For more information about The People Could Fly Project, call 901.833.7465 or visit the

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Walk In The Sky

DivShare File - 1-10_Walk_In_the_Sky__Featuring_Bajka_.m4p

St. Loeey, it's.. ooeey or gooey made of stew and brew and people who wear red

some photos
words later

These Bay Area Ballistics

plane.. pittsburgh, ca, the road back and forth, cousins, and some more some, great aunts, and food i haven't tasted like since my grandmother past, those carter girls, those louisiana girls, some great breakfast place partially called Mama, where teacups and ginghams lined the walls
and i had some turkey sausage that did not satisfy me.. but.. um.. this skyline, this skyline like woa.. seriously one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.. we wonder about the change in vegetation from memphis to.. umm and some more some.. like trying to explain that it just doesn't look like this in Memphis and the heat down here is something that clings to you, can suckupon your breath.. but hmm yeah.
watercolors and sky with no clouds and i'm like what is the difference
divident-ial provdential accidental monumental
... peace pavilions and laguna and chinese consulate and high tower, high rise apartment and hills rolling such that you can see the landscape and houses piled upon their own.. and so much makes itself open, a round fruit.. a tomato or a mango split, sliced crosswise and hatchwise, its peel inverted, flipped up and over such that its inner contents, its fold and fruits, remain open for the people to see, in hillock, or blocks or however you cut a fruit instead of the land
In a place like memphis everything is so flat that maybe there is more secrecy.. is that true..? to see a thing you must trek every inch of it.. its shallows and wanton places.. wanting of breath.. its still places of grass and heat.. hmm.. you must walk upon concrete and all the trees are green, but not a deep green, oh how to tell the ways..
when i would leave vermont for memphis, when i would leave vermont for memphis in high school there was always so much, like a culture that just lacked a presence in vermont, like a vacuum, but of something else ( vermont naturally) a salty grittiness, not a grittiness of the streets, but a humped up thing, a piece of thick meat seasoned and salted in its own potluckiness, these people walking on these flat streets, the road, Elvis Presley Blvd and the cheap motels with words like HBO and swimming pools slid in black letters into the white billboard.. that being on the way back.. that highway that streams through Tennessee from Mississippi.
but I was talking about the Bay Area though wasn't I?
ballistic |bəˈlistik| adjective [ attrib. ] 1 of or relating to projectiles or their flight. 2 moving under the force of gravity only. PHRASES go ballistic informal fly into a rage. DERIVATIVES ballistically |-ik(ə)lē| adverb ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from ballista + -ic .
ballast |ˈbaləst| noun 1 heavy material, such as gravel, sand, iron, or lead, placed low in a vessel to improve its stability. • a substance of this type carried in an airship or on a hot-air balloon to stabilize it, and jettisoned when greater altitude is required. • figurative something that gives stability or substance : the film is an entertaining comedy with some serious ideas thrown in for ballast. 2 gravel or coarse stone used to form the bed of a railroad track or road. • a mixture of coarse and fine aggregate for making concrete. 3 a passive component used in an electric circuit to moderate changes in current. verb [ trans. ] (usu. be ballasted) 1 give stability to (a ship) by putting a heavy substance in its bilge : the vessel has been ballasted to give the necessary floating stability. 2 form (the bed of a railroad line or road) with gravel or coarse stone.

more on this one later.. and words from an owlkeeper
4 owls: the author, the editor, the critic, the reader

and from an adventurer of sorts and sights and sounds and ..

citizens stepping out/ where the wild things are


It's time to step out. We talked about this, but see I want to rub a little bit of your butter
on this one here. Slather it over my bread, a little marmalade, a little sugar you know, that good stuff.
It's pretty much just time to remember..
and proceed
if you please?
i please.


Tenets of the Citizens of LIFE Brigade

A Citizen of LIFE…

1. Is deeply, intensely, absolutely imbedded in the endless joy and tortured sadness of the world, but is not of it.

2. Dances on the edge of an uncertain, grand future, charged with the dark expanse of potential.

3. Is spontaneously open to the whims of fate.

4. Is committed to exploring the infinity of human being.

5. Is actively involved in creating and shaping new worlds and universes from the scattered pieces thrown at her/him by the world in which s/he finds herself/himself.

6. Loves, when he/she loves, with everything within him/her.

7. Wholly appreciates the beauty given to humanity by the natural world, and lives with and according to a deep aesthetic sense and appreciation.

8. Is in love with the passion of human drama.

9. Is sensitive and receptive to the subtle, unnamable vibrations of LIFE.

The Brigade…

1. Is committed to facilitating full enjoyment of and participation in LIFE.

2. Is committed to transforming the world into a place where people can be fully, intensely, passionately human.

3. Fights inhumanity in all its forms.

4. Fights blandness and plainness in all of their forms, and ugliness where it does not serve the purpose of LIFE.

5. Fights unappreciation, apathy, and spiritual deadness, except where they serve the purposes of LIFE.

6. Accepts that we can only know little of the purposes of LIFE.

7. May not ever revoke Citizenship once it has been given.

8. Always seeks more Citizens.

LIFE is endless possibility. The Citizens of LIFE keep themselves acutely open to that possibility, and render new reality from formless potential.

We are the keepers of that delicate balance between the potential and the

Monday, August 20, 2007

Raleigh, NC: Land of ..milk and crystallized honey

Hey so I flew into Raleigh, NC. This is backtracking because this was almost two weeks ago now, but it was lovely. Picked up by a most gracious friend and her fam bim bam.
Multiple good things along..from the journey.. not all here.. but more soon and later in writings.. and thereforeward and thereonward.
what a nice place.
multiple delicious and delectable items
that thick creamy honey the name of which escapes me from a beemaker ( where have all the bees gone? where have all the bees gone?)
my first hand at a piece of steak ( though i will not make this a habit)
eggs with corned beef ( my first hand at corned beef)
eggs with mushrooms
a single blueberry
a single circus peanut
a piece of bread
some toffee like candy
edamame ( my first hand at edamame)
some other good things

and scrabble
and .. this book of poems called Rose
but this is just a little


toe to toe- san francisco

real quick post or something like it. i really hope to take a minute real soon to put some good writing into this place.
but photos of course.

We just got back from St. Louis this morning. We were there for a couple of days wandering around and at the YTB Travel Convention learning about the business and how to make it work for us and that it will. Saw some crazy thangs and some real laid back people up there. Real laid back. Drove through streets with red blinking flashlights and stop signs in the middle of the block. Had some fried ice cream and shumai from this place called Wasabi in downtown St. Louis. Most delicious. If you're there you should check it. Also The Golden Pancake over by the airport which upon first inspection looks just lie some place truck drivers would pass through, but when i say they had some of the best breakfast I've ever encountered on the road I ain't lying.
And they had turkey sausage
and turkey ham
and turkey bacon
and delicious pancakes
and delicious eggs
all of that
so yeah, if you're ever there check it out.
I going to put up a couple a pics.

Made it to St. Louis straight outta Memphis after I had been straight out of San Francisco and pretty much before that straight out of Raleigh, NC. There is so much to write.. so much to tell, half of it I haven;t completely thought out yet, not like I ever do really before I'm writing it.. but I hope to relate some lovely things soon. So much is time and so much is living and pacing yourself with some things and forgetting all that with others , but man
am learning so much, pushing myself, prodding past fear
and feeling it too
and learning by test and trial where I need to go and
most importantly where I need to grow, but trying to keep a good mindset you know,
trying to stay excited and .. expectant and pushing myself ourselves into the new space of ourselves, the shell, the next body, the next evolution we must indeed occupy..
and calling names and the approach and the release..
talking to strangers.. what they tell you not to do as a child is what you must do as
an adult.. the world expands in scope and not only do your feet get bigger, but .. but..the lay of the land and your crossings across it.. or
but..age too being not too much of anything.
I am conceptualizing.. because this age and maturation thing has not been heavily on my mind but present and the quintessential self moving itself through the ages with hopefully stride and step and purpose, or standing still amidst the flow around you yet.. yet.. with your hands or with your body or whatever of the many things you have directing the flow so such as that.. so such as that eh.. the world will curdle itself lovingly around and bear you forth on water and on air..
and its not all metaphoric, though I am reading this book by Twlya Tharp and she talks about metaphor and i wonder now if i shall walk across the room to get this book and make it plain as day for you with a quote..
i think i will not but
or just growth or just deciding who you are.. not as a static entity, but more as a kind of culminating always growing and changing power within a person of potential, and action, and actualization.. hmm
but yeah
now some pictures...
they tell another story, of where we've been, where we're going, and all the things we have not seen, felt, or touched yet, but that which
that of
that in

we believe
maybe like a feather
or a scarfwhipped across your face or something,
you know something almost here yet not or..



Monday, August 13, 2007

Homecoming Haywood County

Homecoming: Haywood County Tennessee
Birthplaces of my father's parents and numerous other relatives,
known and unknown.
Haywood County Tennessee,
Prospect Church
Family Plot

Fouse/ Faust, Foust

People: Many

I don't have that many memories of this place, but they do.

They do