Monday, August 20, 2007

toe to toe- san francisco

real quick post or something like it. i really hope to take a minute real soon to put some good writing into this place.
but photos of course.

We just got back from St. Louis this morning. We were there for a couple of days wandering around and at the YTB Travel Convention learning about the business and how to make it work for us and that it will. Saw some crazy thangs and some real laid back people up there. Real laid back. Drove through streets with red blinking flashlights and stop signs in the middle of the block. Had some fried ice cream and shumai from this place called Wasabi in downtown St. Louis. Most delicious. If you're there you should check it. Also The Golden Pancake over by the airport which upon first inspection looks just lie some place truck drivers would pass through, but when i say they had some of the best breakfast I've ever encountered on the road I ain't lying.
And they had turkey sausage
and turkey ham
and turkey bacon
and delicious pancakes
and delicious eggs
all of that
so yeah, if you're ever there check it out.
I going to put up a couple a pics.

Made it to St. Louis straight outta Memphis after I had been straight out of San Francisco and pretty much before that straight out of Raleigh, NC. There is so much to write.. so much to tell, half of it I haven;t completely thought out yet, not like I ever do really before I'm writing it.. but I hope to relate some lovely things soon. So much is time and so much is living and pacing yourself with some things and forgetting all that with others , but man
am learning so much, pushing myself, prodding past fear
and feeling it too
and learning by test and trial where I need to go and
most importantly where I need to grow, but trying to keep a good mindset you know,
trying to stay excited and .. expectant and pushing myself ourselves into the new space of ourselves, the shell, the next body, the next evolution we must indeed occupy..
and calling names and the approach and the release..
talking to strangers.. what they tell you not to do as a child is what you must do as
an adult.. the world expands in scope and not only do your feet get bigger, but .. but..the lay of the land and your crossings across it.. or
but..age too being not too much of anything.
I am conceptualizing.. because this age and maturation thing has not been heavily on my mind but present and the quintessential self moving itself through the ages with hopefully stride and step and purpose, or standing still amidst the flow around you yet.. yet.. with your hands or with your body or whatever of the many things you have directing the flow so such as that.. so such as that eh.. the world will curdle itself lovingly around and bear you forth on water and on air..
and its not all metaphoric, though I am reading this book by Twlya Tharp and she talks about metaphor and i wonder now if i shall walk across the room to get this book and make it plain as day for you with a quote..
i think i will not but
or just growth or just deciding who you are.. not as a static entity, but more as a kind of culminating always growing and changing power within a person of potential, and action, and actualization.. hmm
but yeah
now some pictures...
they tell another story, of where we've been, where we're going, and all the things we have not seen, felt, or touched yet, but that which
that of
that in

we believe
maybe like a feather
or a scarfwhipped across your face or something,
you know something almost here yet not or..



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