Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So I WAS TRYING TO SEND OUT SOME important emails but it seems like i'v spent all my.. energy. or the amount of it that will let me write coherent and forceful messages. so i guess i will have to wait until tomorrow.

we've been .. not here.. not necessarily or even gone.. just not here.. on this page.. this space.. in a particular way.

simmering down
maple syrup

we've been getting to the good stuff

i just wanted to say that..

oh and i could say some other stuff. you know i don't have a linear brain.

i could talk about choice and fusion and voice and walking and saying no and yes and stepping out. i could talk about monsters, i mean the good kind , and people
staying up late
or waking up early or not doing stuff perfect
and doing stuff anyway and then still getting on the path or piece you were looking for

i could talk about not using your hands or your body to get what's necessary
i could talk about skipping steps
or not thinking about the steps at all'or flying over them

i could talk about not doing stuff perfect
i could talk about success right..
oh i could talk about a lot and i could talk about talking about it..

i could talk about the goal.. and yes what is the goal here.. and what is a correct post. and would it be cordial and nice..

should i just stop now..

or i mean.. or should i do one of the things, pull one of those things when you're hecka young and avant garde even to the other young people around you.. or feeling successful and looking successful should i pull one of those? self! (ahhh self is important here.. ahhh the self in the face or frame of .. celebrity enigmatic static.. i know i 'm being vague here) talking about talking about it? should i talk about it?
i think we need to talk about it (next time)
that seems necessary to the current conversation.

i feel like talking about it.
there's so many of us coming up right now.
celebrity stats?
ahhhh truth! truth! ahhh self! ahhh choice! ahhh! walk!

i survey. i survey. i look over. i /connections.

should i keep asking questions?
should i keep poking success and see who's gonna bestow it? (yes righ.. right)
say recognition?
qyestion recognition?

or should i, i don't know

i'm figuring it out. that's part of it.
that's part of it. that's part.

i won't hide that.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The PCF Hosts...You and the 2008 Election

The People Could Fly will,
shall be
hosting You! and the 2008 Election this Saturday in NYC with our good friends
Joanne Briere and Levald Thomas. Come through! Through spoken word, art exhibits, debate, and some sweet speakers, we'll be expressing our thoughts, feelings, goals, and hopes on this upcoming election. We want to speak our voices y'all. Let us..Vote! ( whisper it, yell it, write it on a piece of paper, pass it around) We're here y'all. We're here.

L e t' s g o y'all.

T o t h e f u t u r e y 'all.

L e t's g o > > > > > >


"You & The 2008 Election" is an intellectual venture geared at encouraging young Americans, whether Democrats or Republicans, to take the initiative and exercise their constitutional and civil rights. It is imperative for young people to become involved in the electoral process as the future is theirs. It is for this reason that all are encouraged to express their views regardless of their immigration status or nationality. The two hour event will feature a combination of students and artists, pairing with the communities' finest in the areas of Arts, Multimedia, Spoken Word, and Debate to express their feelings and views regarding the 2008 election.

WHO?: Multi Ethnic & National Student Groups & Organizations

WHEN?: Saturday, November 1st, 2008
7:00PM -9:00PM

WHERE?: New York University (NYU) - Kimmel Center for Life
60 Washington Square South, Suite 808

WHAT?: Artists representing various artistic perspectives: Art Exhibits, Spoken Word, Multimedia, and Debate Teams will express their feelings and views regardless of their immigration status or nationality .


Directions: A, B, C, D to W 4 Street Washington Sq.

*To RSVP: Jbrierre@nyit.edu*
Contact 646-920-9269

Campus Progress, Rock the Vote, NYU Steinhardt Community College Transfer Opportunity program (CCTOP)

Good News Broadcast, Student World Assembly (SWA), The People Could Fly Project (PCF), The Global Action Project, ATA's Young Professionals Network, Green For All, National Society of Minorities in Hospitality-NYIT Chapter, Caribbelle & Caribeau, Only If I Knew (OIK), The League of Young Voters, The New York Institute of Technology (NYI) Fine Arts Department.

This event is brought to you by JBrierre, Levald Thomas, and the People Could Fly Project (PCF).
Our mission is to persuade college students and young professionals to vote and take part in what is guaranteed to be the most memorable and historic election of our time.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

try and stop me.

Ain't gon' let nobody
turn me around
I'm gonna keep on a-walkin
keep on a-talkin
Marching down to Freedom's Land.

Believe dat! You hear me. I said believe that.