Tuesday, August 21, 2007

citizens stepping out/ where the wild things are


It's time to step out. We talked about this, but see I want to rub a little bit of your butter
on this one here. Slather it over my bread, a little marmalade, a little sugar you know, that good stuff.
It's pretty much just time to remember..
and proceed
if you please?
i please.


Tenets of the Citizens of LIFE Brigade

A Citizen of LIFE…

1. Is deeply, intensely, absolutely imbedded in the endless joy and tortured sadness of the world, but is not of it.

2. Dances on the edge of an uncertain, grand future, charged with the dark expanse of potential.

3. Is spontaneously open to the whims of fate.

4. Is committed to exploring the infinity of human being.

5. Is actively involved in creating and shaping new worlds and universes from the scattered pieces thrown at her/him by the world in which s/he finds herself/himself.

6. Loves, when he/she loves, with everything within him/her.

7. Wholly appreciates the beauty given to humanity by the natural world, and lives with and according to a deep aesthetic sense and appreciation.

8. Is in love with the passion of human drama.

9. Is sensitive and receptive to the subtle, unnamable vibrations of LIFE.

The Brigade…

1. Is committed to facilitating full enjoyment of and participation in LIFE.

2. Is committed to transforming the world into a place where people can be fully, intensely, passionately human.

3. Fights inhumanity in all its forms.

4. Fights blandness and plainness in all of their forms, and ugliness where it does not serve the purpose of LIFE.

5. Fights unappreciation, apathy, and spiritual deadness, except where they serve the purposes of LIFE.

6. Accepts that we can only know little of the purposes of LIFE.

7. May not ever revoke Citizenship once it has been given.

8. Always seeks more Citizens.

LIFE is endless possibility. The Citizens of LIFE keep themselves acutely open to that possibility, and render new reality from formless potential.

We are the keepers of that delicate balance between the potential and the

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