Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What An Exciting Time to Be Alive!
Cause its our time!

Monday, May 26, 2008

find a way

Saturday, May 24, 2008

catch a wind

Monday, May 19, 2008

Marcus Garvey.. The Black Star Line Continues

Part 5 of The Influence of Marcus Garvey..

Commentary too.. on this coming too.
I gotta make it to the end of this school stretch.
But as Amenta likes to say
"Here we come y'all, here we come.."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 05

A good friend of mine, (one of the above) led me on to this. I watched it tonight and am sharing.
Yes. All of this. intuition. heart. connecting the dots. now. future.
all of this. just.

I might do some commentary on this later on.. yes!

think what you want. want what you. will.

cool kids

who are the cool kids? who are the cool kids? who are really the cool kids?
who are the cool
who are they? are they really?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids?
who are the cool kids? who?

who are really the cool kids? what about them and why?
what makes them? what shakes them?
and do you really believe in that?
do you really believe in that?

and do you really believe in you

nom name neme

I have just found a lovely site through thinking about words and sounds.



Life and thoughts take you places.

Bring it back to the basics.


charles olson and jz on home avenue remember the days, while i pluck my hairs into strings of sound. she is suspended. she is suspended upon a harp

i'm going to start over
i'd like to ,
you know
that freshness of first sounds
the breakdown of pieces
we learn you know, to build up
upon ourselves until
we are faintly crashing
with our
with our
with our
magnanimity and
and and
our graciousness
ooh that graciousness of being
clap for me
applaud, oh yes

but i would like to speak of letters
crash down upon my words
dissolve them and
dissolve myself
into faint pieces
where i would
where i would speak of pieces
to remember
and then build then again
a word of me worth remember
i am past the symbol
i am tired
the multiple complexions of ritual
hold me i say
i was born a world
world with symbol and sound
and you could name me nameless then
to be a world

i'm going to look through old boxes
and through them, unto doors
i am going back to the beginning, you
old places
they came
i'd like to go back to the first letters
which slipped past me
a letter it seems
given it was to my mouth
a letter like f, symbol
where i slobbered it into being
i slobbered it i say slobbered it and
rubbed round its sharp creases with my pound of wet rubber
its sharped creases
into sound worth having for me
sound worth having for me
sound worth having
oh sound i say
worth having for me


i'd like to speak syllables
they were ripe for me

the foundings of my nature
stop this coagulation
of phonemes
stop this coagulation
come to one
the steady wagging coagulation of me
i eat myself
and know not what
i eat

but sounds flies back
sound flies back
the return
i think
upon calling
the steady pieces of flying pieces dissolving
back unto me
unto me
as i was dissolved and coagulated
the sounds that have ate of me
and of my body
oh return
the blocks
the solidity of salts
and sans sound
of voice roiling
returning i see
the no naming none

i am tired
i am tired
come back come close
to me a sound a word a phoneme
a no naming none

one encompassing one
turn and stay still!
i say
turn you compassing i
encompassing me
turn and
stay in you
stay in you
stay you want of me-

stay sound. go to remembered of
blastings and the coming of


go come now

come now i say

come lovingly lovingly *petering a word into outed existence

come now come now *diminishing

come now you sounds.

come now &


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going on, We going on..

Fr4ick lord, Yes! This is what I'm talkin bout.

Shouts to FilmmakerCreator Tiona M of Black.Womyn Productions.

and PurpleZoe of PurpleMag (JUST released her book MAGI, CHECK IT OUT!) for leading me on to this one.Maps!
of Mystory!
Can you tell a story?

Oooh beautiful leaning flying going believing
journeying brown people, I love you so hard. So hard.
This is the Journey! We are the journeys.

Going On, Gnarls Barkley. Directed by Wendy Morgan in Jamaica

Monday, May 12, 2008




Sunday, May 11, 2008

opening to away she goes

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. But in an undercover way. Where I am itching. And you get a new idea! And you have a new idea! And you see a new way to do what you wanted to do. You know when you catch a wind. Or a break.. Or you see an opening. Or a way. Yes. Go!


what's in a name game

So I'm looking for a name.
How do you be right or good. It's soo late. And I wanna get this done.
Excuse my late nightness. I don't know how legible this will be in the ,morning.

I'm looking for a name that will be quick succinct and easy rollable off the tongue and easily remembered and not so easily forgotten

that has meaning and depth and feeeling and importance without being too simple or uninspiring or too corny or too sappy or simply overused such as a trope, so that it has almost no meaning
am i looking for a name that is a metaphor or an action
a noun or a verb

i am looking for a name that is an umbrella and also a brick one can build things with

i'm also looking for something easily lifted and also easily understood even if it happens to make no categorical sense

yet it also needs to be able to span the globe

it needs to be 'cool' but not at the risk of being cold or too flashy or empty

it must be composed of people which is real simple and complicated

it has to have lasting qualities the ability to be classic and new

fresh shiny and spanking

yet also contain the old stories.. there is such a thing.. if you can find the balance of wor/l/ds

old and new dreams
old and new people
new and old flights

such as that would be a sparking thinking a meeting between two such worlds that might really be one

like the meeting between yesterday and today.. if there is such a thing

that jump point when what is ain't
and what will be isn't but will be
maybe it is a thunderclap

ahhhh. i've been all throughout the thesaurus
because its to settle down
and make some unreal things real
somethings want to be born most certainly

like it won't phase out cant phase out still here

still subject

i'm dealing with words

naming what needs to be named and coming up with ways to say what doesn't have words yet but still is if you believe it is, naturally


Friday, May 9, 2008

Once upon a time in atlanta when she was dreaming of a fulbright and i was there

and then she got it.
Chantal James.. writing books and thangs in Morocco.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Night Flight: New York /

Muriel Rukeyser
Theory of Flight, 1935
from Night Flight: New York

Believe that we bloom upon this stalk of time ;

and in this expansion, time too grows for us
richer and richer towards infinity.

They promised us the gold and harps and seraphs.
Our rising and going to sleep is better than future pinions.
We surrender that hope, drawing our own days in,
covering space and time draped in tornadoes,
lightning invention, speed crushing the stars upon us,
stretching the accordion of our lives, sounding the same chord
longer and savoring it until the echo fails.

Believe that your presences are strong,

O be convinced without formula or rhyme
or any dogma ; use yourselves : be : fly.
Believe that we bloom upon this stalk of time.

one of my favorite poems Ever