Tuesday, August 21, 2007

These Bay Area Ballistics

plane.. pittsburgh, ca, the road back and forth, cousins, and some more some, great aunts, and food i haven't tasted like since my grandmother past, those carter girls, those louisiana girls, some great breakfast place partially called Mama, where teacups and ginghams lined the walls
and i had some turkey sausage that did not satisfy me.. but.. um.. this skyline, this skyline like woa.. seriously one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.. we wonder about the change in vegetation from memphis to.. umm and some more some.. like trying to explain that it just doesn't look like this in Memphis and the heat down here is something that clings to you, can suckupon your breath.. but hmm yeah.
watercolors and sky with no clouds and i'm like what is the difference
divident-ial provdential accidental monumental
... peace pavilions and laguna and chinese consulate and high tower, high rise apartment and hills rolling such that you can see the landscape and houses piled upon their own.. and so much makes itself open, a round fruit.. a tomato or a mango split, sliced crosswise and hatchwise, its peel inverted, flipped up and over such that its inner contents, its fold and fruits, remain open for the people to see, in hillock, or blocks or however you cut a fruit instead of the land
In a place like memphis everything is so flat that maybe there is more secrecy.. is that true..? to see a thing you must trek every inch of it.. its shallows and wanton places.. wanting of breath.. its still places of grass and heat.. hmm.. you must walk upon concrete and all the trees are green, but not a deep green, oh how to tell the ways..
when i would leave vermont for memphis, when i would leave vermont for memphis in high school there was always so much, like a culture that just lacked a presence in vermont, like a vacuum, but of something else ( vermont naturally) a salty grittiness, not a grittiness of the streets, but a humped up thing, a piece of thick meat seasoned and salted in its own potluckiness, these people walking on these flat streets, the road, Elvis Presley Blvd and the cheap motels with words like HBO and swimming pools slid in black letters into the white billboard.. that being on the way back.. that highway that streams through Tennessee from Mississippi.
but I was talking about the Bay Area though wasn't I?
ballistic |bəˈlistik| adjective [ attrib. ] 1 of or relating to projectiles or their flight. 2 moving under the force of gravity only. PHRASES go ballistic informal fly into a rage. DERIVATIVES ballistically |-ik(ə)lē| adverb ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from ballista + -ic .
ballast |ˈbaləst| noun 1 heavy material, such as gravel, sand, iron, or lead, placed low in a vessel to improve its stability. • a substance of this type carried in an airship or on a hot-air balloon to stabilize it, and jettisoned when greater altitude is required. • figurative something that gives stability or substance : the film is an entertaining comedy with some serious ideas thrown in for ballast. 2 gravel or coarse stone used to form the bed of a railroad track or road. • a mixture of coarse and fine aggregate for making concrete. 3 a passive component used in an electric circuit to moderate changes in current. verb [ trans. ] (usu. be ballasted) 1 give stability to (a ship) by putting a heavy substance in its bilge : the vessel has been ballasted to give the necessary floating stability. 2 form (the bed of a railroad line or road) with gravel or coarse stone.

more on this one later.. and words from an owlkeeper
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