Monday, August 20, 2007

Raleigh, NC: Land of ..milk and crystallized honey

Hey so I flew into Raleigh, NC. This is backtracking because this was almost two weeks ago now, but it was lovely. Picked up by a most gracious friend and her fam bim bam.
Multiple good things along..from the journey.. not all here.. but more soon and later in writings.. and thereforeward and thereonward.
what a nice place.
multiple delicious and delectable items
that thick creamy honey the name of which escapes me from a beemaker ( where have all the bees gone? where have all the bees gone?)
my first hand at a piece of steak ( though i will not make this a habit)
eggs with corned beef ( my first hand at corned beef)
eggs with mushrooms
a single blueberry
a single circus peanut
a piece of bread
some toffee like candy
edamame ( my first hand at edamame)
some other good things

and scrabble
and .. this book of poems called Rose
but this is just a little


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