Thursday, February 26, 2009

METAphoric Love

I hope we can keep this one short and sweet. We try to keep it meta around here you know.
I just finished writing this blurb for The PCF Project. Took me forever. So much to say.
So many meanings. So many layers to this thing, this wish and desire to do this. And I want to share this. I want people to understand. I want people to understand why we feel we have to do this.

It is history. It is future. It is us. It is collective. It is desire to be great. It's something I don't always really know how to express.

Metaphoric. Actual. It is so many things I want to share. And its hard to cut it down sometimes
into a simple description. To imbue it all. Oh, I desire to make it all happen at once. To live in the single moment. Realization. We desire.

We try to keep it meta around here. We have a mission. It is a mission in many ways... to support our friends, our generation, people in the realization of our dreams. Visions. I say that again.. realize our dreams.

No joke. To make real, make actual, make for real real our dreams. Our visions. Who we are and who we know.. we must be. Who we must be. I want to speak this o u t l o u d instead of writing it.


What I have tried to do. is to do this. I want y o u to know.
This journey is apart of a real journey of countless people, countless Black Americans, countless people of color, countless all people, to find freedom. What is freedom you ask? MANY answers
one being..the continuing journey to realize our potential, and find our place/s

This is not simply us journeying to make a film or write a blog or travel on planes, though shoot we do like to do all these things.

It is about our stories as young people, as people, as people of color. And it is about our lives. I'm sounding hecka serious right now/

It is also, honestly, about our journey to do this. That's part of the dream too, right? At least mine. The dream of making this dream happen. The dream of finding the dream. Dream reality? Reality of the dream?

How so?
How can we?

We like to keep it meta. We also like to keep it mantra.
We want..
... we desire..
.. we want

We believe. We can fly.

What do you want?

-IntiSar by near. IntiStar by far.

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