Thursday, February 26, 2009

Insert Truth Here: A Winged Letter Project

I just found this blog.
Insert Truth Here: A Winged Letter Project

I haven't read everything, but I pretty much already know that I love it.
I don't know her name yet! but here goes her self description.

I'm a soap-bubble-blower
-social-justice-peacenik-magic-bean-buying-optimist who loves Ella Baker,Mister
Rogers, movies, watercolors and chocolate like no other. I love reading about,
writing for, learning and working for young people. I also appreciate peace
building, understanding the history of feminisms, clowns, media literacy,
multiracial identity and intercultural dialogues and experiences, LGBT history
and travelogues. My current fascinations include memoirs, snazzy bookmarks and
aerial performance art with just a dash of bubbles.

And here goes a Sesame Street with a young Danny Glover from one her posts, I just had to repost. Ridiculous and great. Ha! I think it's funny. Just me?



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  1. Aww. Y'all made me all smiley. Nice to meet you. I'm Martine. I've admired your blog and amazing travels for a while now. I've had so many morphings and themes on my blog. You all are an inspiration to keep at it.

    Thanks so much for the shout out and love..

    Shine on,