Thursday, February 19, 2009

editing she schmediting

whoa i'm hecka tired and i know i havent done one of these in a minute. and i am not about to use capitals. been working on the new spaces, new plans, similar goals, further method. you know. love.

i'd like to say something good, hear? that would shine some light into both your and my eyes about what's going on here. what's occurring now and what's coming on next.
i can only say i have great expectations. great expectations. and like always feeling the swell.

boutsa to get realer around here. and more fantastical. and more in the people we are. ahh such a scary seeming thing sometimes. breaking the veil. the mold. the caul. into seeing something. opening up with both mine eyes.
being something. who we are. i am steadying-coming into. again. something i used to know forever.

i don't mean to be vague, but i've been talking to people. and there's some stuff we gotta talk. talk. sorta. but more see and talk and more see

sometimes when i close my eyes, whether they are open or closed i feel like i could fly into space.. like i am in fact moving over the earth. spreading across or a over, a line, fast moving water. and that is me. it is so real as to be real. it is a sense sensation of knowing. of being in a place, but rather also of knowledge. and i can feel the world swell out, stretch out around me. i am like a swiftly moving. i am just a swiftly moving.

superseding and making and being ourselves and moving there. shouting up there.

what good you know?

strategizing. new and old answers. solutions. creations.

we're here and this is our time. can't forget that for fear or defeat.
wake yourself up by the means you find possible ot better the means you imagine-create for yourself. the world.

beyond all concept magical

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