Friday, April 4, 2008

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ahhhh.. let's describe this.. let's scribe this.. let's give a quick cursory glance.. there's So MUCH!
aND so Much EdITING OF thought for ConsUMPTION. So much explaining about WHAT we're doing... and What Exactly it is.. and how its exactly gonna happen.

SO much. And you can't do too much editing sometimes. sometimes you just gotta do it.

sometimes you just wanna take something inside you and bear it out to the world
bear it out. like a cake, just like a whole solid feeling. a whole solid feeling that yells, and hums, and whispers, that bears the deep resonances of like.. your grandfathers voices.. or like
just deep ok.. just deep rumblings of the earth

but that rumbling is inside you.. rocks and magma gurgling.

But I diverge! I always diverge.


Folktales, myths, stories embodied and spreading its own quilt over the earth
We are myth makers, myth takers
We are those people who do impossible things

We are young. We are old.

We are a living theatre, a living spectacle, a living word, a spoken voice speaking itself into existence..

We are transformative word. We are being and it is. We are words into existence.
We are our thoughts and dreams into existence.

We are your dream at night time, that ghost of a thought that tingles you.
We are our mercurial connections between ourselves, between crosswise harchwise, between me and you.

Why do we forget our dreams? Why and when do we not believe in them.
Our thought is that out of everything and many things, all things begin with the whisp of a dream that anchors itself into existence.. it anchors itself, it catches itself on and takes hold. And it will not let go.
We bear these things into the world. We bear ourselves.

On a basic level. We want to reach that place in ourselves. We are operating on the assumption that

  • Our innermost and outermost dreams and desires are an immense source of power
  • those visions, those stories, those dreams must be honored, spoken, shared, given legitimacy by the dreamer foremost. That a vision must be set rolling. That it is not small, that it is not nothing, that it is indeed one of the most profound and powerful things we have. You can take something that appears to be nothing and have no place and no name in the world, you can take that sparks that lights, that twinkle ferociously in your being, in your gut, in your dream, in that place where no one is but you.. you can take that thing and it can become a real thing, because it always was..
  • that these dreams. these visions. these inclinations.. this knowing or want or wish you have without knowing the knowing WHY. These things must be TOLD, AS YOU TELL A STORY. They must be SHARED as you share anything. They must be LINKED... as people must be linked.. .. they must be RECOGNIZED. One that you are not crazy for having some wish or desire.. you must recognize it yourself and that takes a certain strength.. because people will not always see or understand your vision.. to make a thing happen you have to know it's going to happen. And I'm really speaking fromwhat I'm learning and experiencing NOW and over the past year. You have to be the constant fixture... your lighthouse.. your compass it what may seem like a little darkness. THEN everything can fall into it's place
  • Speaking something. Sharing something gives it power. And on a base level what we need is in us.. and for young people, or people who are searching for a way to something, or people, or people of color who are seeking to identify themselves and their lives with the world itself. who are seeking to Write their stories and their Lives and themselves and their varying and multi-farious beauties into existence.. who are wishing to weave themselves a world and a place and a power which has always been theirs.. for them, and us and all of us.. this speaking, this sharing, this Knowing is so important. It says that..we are powerful and it refutes that we are not.. and this idea that pervades that we are marked for something.. and that all of our lives we will be struggling against the past or shall I say racism, or the burden of being black and trying, trying so fitfully, to be something, that we shall always always be facing an uphill climb, that the world itself! that the whole world itself! is not made for us. This kind of idea that brings so many lost dreams. So many dreams deferred. So many who were born into this world to do sommething spectacular, but who get lost by the wayside. Stars brought into being that flicker that do not complete their shining missions. But I guess I don't need to explain it. So many know that feeling intimately, as have I at moments. But this isn't about that. This isn;t about that. I refute that in that I welcome a new way, an old way, a way that is composed of me, and all the people who have ever loved me. All the people who have ever made way for me.. all the people who came before me and shall come after. Like when I think of my grandparent's which always gives me strength.. that other thought that I am not much, that I am struggling, that I'm not worthy, or that I can't BE strong in the world falls away from me. WHen I think about how great they were.. then I forget that other thought.. it becomes fuzzy or something. I think that I am not alone.. that I am as they used to say in Greenville, Mr. Turner's "grandbaby". It becomes real for me. ANd I am not alone. And I cannot forget, you see I can never forget.
  • It's a feeling. Maybe you feel it.

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