Friday, April 4, 2008

Every Little Thing She does is magic...

The young woman lifted one foot on the air. Then the other. She flew clumsily at first, with the child now held tightly in her arms. Then she felt the magic, the African mystery..

Sarah flew over the fences. She flew over the woods. Tall trees could not snag her. Nor could the overseer. She flew like an eagle now, until she was gone from sight.

Virginia Hamilton, The People Could Fly

I just came back from a dance showing and just spoke to Kalimah who is at the Dream Reborn Conference.

What I want to say is.
We are looking for the magic words. We are looking for the golden words.
I asked the people at the dance workshop, how one describes a concept, or a project, or a dream one has to those who need to understand..
because that is where we are. Every moment counts now and we need the magic words.. to say.. and describe.. we need to translate this language.. we have.
This is for everyone who's ever asked me what the "project" is..

The project is a project first.
Project as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary.

1. a. A plan, draft, scheme..; a design or pattern according to which something is made. Obs.
b. A mental conception, idea, or notion; speculation.
2. a. A planned or proposed undertaking; a scheme, a proposal; a purpose, an objective.b. Educ. An exercise in which school or college students study a topic, either independently or in collaboration, over an extended period; a piece of research work undertaken by a student or group of students.c. In business, science, etc.: a collaborative enterprise, freq. involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.
{dag}3. Something projected or thrown out; a projection, an emanation (of some being or thing).
{dag}4. The fact of being thrown out or put forth. Obs. rare.
{dag}5. Something thrown; a projectile, a missile. Obs.

We are a project with have a specific aims.
We have a mental conception, idea, and a notion. We have a planned and proposed undertaking. It is an exercise and an experiment which involves research and design. It is a collaborative enterprise and undertaking.
The mission of this project as we now know it to be involves both questions and answers.
One of the choreographers said when trying to translate their language they describe their
"core values and their process." S o Let me try this.
Core values

The project trusts in the potential and power of dreams. (That still sounds flat.. editing this statement)

We believe in this because we foremost believe in and see the beauty and power of the dreamers...

We trust a dream is important, even before it has been told, seen, shared implemented, or even explained fully. .We know that a dream needs the most watering before it has ever even been seen, which is often when most people question it.., including but not limited to the dreamer herself.

We trust that a dreamer has a dream for a reason, not always one in which we always immediately understand, even if that reason is just to "do it".

We know a dream is both a verb and a noun,
it is an action (a choice) and a thing. A thing becoming.

We think that dreams are often more real than reality.
They often tell the deeper truths about ourselves.

We find strength in the idea that
when it appears we have nothing,
you will still have dreams.

We find strength in that anyone can and will have a dream.We find strength in that.. people who
appear to have absolutely nothing will have a dream.
We find strength in that people who appear to have everything still have a dream.

We find strength in the very fact that a dream is not physical,
That which is often taken as a dream's weakness is it's greatest strength.
Since it is not, it can become anything,
change anything, make anything,

We find momentum in an idea
that most things began as dreams. Most of what we see around us,
was once someone's dream. Someone chose to make it.

Thus this is important, to the act of dreaming, the choice to have a dream.

This is important for people who appear to have nothing and those who appear to have everything.

We believe in the dream, because foremost, first, and beginning we have an intense belief
in the people.

How do we translate that?
We trust in a dream's becoming we trust in a person's becoming..
we trust in a dream's becoming as we trust in our own becomings.

I welcome pointers... this will be edited.. to get at a core and i still have yet to elaborate process.. though I know it and we've been doing it.. some people don't


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