Friday, April 4, 2008

Update: The Dream Reborn THIS weekend in Memphis

The People Could Fly Project interviewed Van Jones of Green For All and The Ella Baker Center in Oakland, CA earlier this week for the Memphis Tri-State Defender.
The People Could Fly: The Dream Reborn

The PCFP will be in Memphis this weekend for the Dream Reborn Conference hosted by Green For All. Kalimah and Seyra drove down to Memphis from school at Hollins University to Memphis. Several people from around the county are staying at our house there this weekend. Hanifah picked up someone named Zakiyah from the airport yesterday (I have yet to hear further details. I'm still at Wesleyan.) My father, Ekpe Abioto will be performing at the April 4th Foundations Banquet tonight where Harry Belafonte, Dr. Joseph Lowery, and Congressman Lewis will be speaking. The PCFP will be tabling at the conference and filming and roaming and interviewing throughout.

Basically this is just to say.. check this IDEA! out. If you can or cannot be there, get knowledgeable! It's all of our responsibility to take care of the earth in the ways that it takes care of us. I mean take a minute to look around you at the ground, the earth, the sky, to feel what's around you. There's something major just beneath your feet. Not just some thing you're walking on to get to class on time or wherever you're going. This life is a reciprocal relationship. Let's live deeper.

And check out this green movement.
Here are some resources.
Sustainable South Bronx ( Majora Carter, Wesleyan University Alum)
Green For All
Urban Science Adventures

Great speakers are scheduled like

So yeah.. continue.. continue.. continue!

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