Saturday, April 5, 2008

core values and process, 2

We are operating under a core set of questions and hypotheses that we believe will help us complete this "project'.

We are utilizing a design or pattern which takes form in the myth of the flying africans.. as it is known in The Pepole could Fly by Virginia Hamilton, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, Drums and Shadows, and other documented and undocumented sources of this folktale.

The bones, the skeleton, the framework, the design, or pattern is this folktale and myth.
This folktale is source material for divergence. We are conducting a close reading of a hypothesis and a story that people can fly.

  • Our hypothesis is that people can fly or realize a planned vision of themselves, a dream, or a life if...
  • The "project" is an exercise of this power to fly, a public exercise of this ability. It is also a shared exercise of this ability. The "project" welcomes anyone to test this experiment with us and to do this "project" with us wherever you are and wherever you will be.
We trust that a dreamer can and will find their way through belief in both dream and the power of the dreamer. We trust that this power is of absolutely everyone, with absolutely no exception.

We know that a dream will not be the same for every person. That we have all have different dreams. We trust there is enough room for everyone and there is no competition in the traditional sense of the word.

We believe that a folktale like "The People Could Fly is important because it realizes power in people and peoples who for some reason or another be it race, history, ancestry, geographic location, or socioeconomic variables have both been told and over time told themselves they cannot fly.

Myths of this nature help transcends of disbelief even for people who's even present reality appears to tell them that in all ways and all means they cannot fly and
that she or he will not be able to do so, that both they and their dreams are not strong enough, important enough, or worthy enough to stand with the world. Myths and folktales of this nature, through their wonder and power jumps that thought that denies us. It refutes it and in many ways does not even recognize it's power.

Folktales and human myths like this help heal the disbelief in how powerful we all just are.
Human tales like this heal the divide between the impossible and the possible.

They shift slavery into freedom,
turn numbing defeat into an awakening triumph
illusions ofsolitude into community
They shift sadness and depression into self-agency and action,
our nightmares into day dreams, and
feelings of competition and lack into room for all

Laced within the text is hope, faith, belief, agency, action, future, belief.
Some stories, some myths heal widespread and deep sorrows.
The myth of the flying africans and The People Could Fly is one such story.


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