Saturday, March 29, 2008

Question # 1 When a seed is a star

WHat is dreaming? What is a dream.

On a freewrite status, as just a thought I was thinking.

I think a dream and dreams on a very base level is a commonality. We ALL dream.
We all have things that run through our minds and heads, that we want to develop or see happen or see shining in the moonlight or the sun.

Like at a base level and a deep level I think we all have this thing, no matter what seems to be your reality I think so.. I really think so.. and these dreams are multifarious and multi-faceted and many.. but they are there between us and among us and above us, quivering and vibrating between us.

Or how people will be talking about the same dream for months or years even. Years! If they are developing it or a still wanting to accomplish it. It crops up again and again. It comes back again and again to them even if in different forms.

People always talk about not giving up on your dreams, but I also kind of think, if this makes sense
your dreams never give up on you.
They are continually poking and prodding you and it makes you uncomfortable and also excited..
this naked fear to dare to make it happen.
Sometimes it doesn't feel like it's easy to accept those dreams we have born.borne within us.

Sometimes that is the scariest thing. I wonder why? I wonder why?

But I really believe a dream, is a beginning and a dream is a seed and a dream is us. A dream is still you.

"A seed's a star.." Stevie Wonder

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