Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the way this week: AHHHH

I got an interview coming up with one ubiquitous Mr. Austin Purnell of DC.. and some other random variables floating around. Some stuff from the recent visit to DC. I just love looking at the people on the Metro. I got off the plane last week in Reagon International.. and got on the Metro.. and just gosh look at these chocolate people.. look at these brown people.. look at these people of their variousness. this richness of being..
There's something beautiful there.. ok. There's just something beautiful.

Also on an administrative tip. There's different aspects here. You see this blog right? But then there's this whole other side where we're shooting off emails and messages and dealing with budgets for now and the future. And planning. And brainstorming. And talking to people we've never seen or spoken to across the country or the world. Speaking to sponsors and mentors. Our friends. Keeping up with friends. And working with friends ( that's in the works.. shoot us an email! ) The vast machinations of the self.mind. whirring! Who can control it?! Who can contain it! Not I! Not I, my nimble friends.

And then one must stay up and on top of the art-making as well.. the footage, the editing ( AHH the editing..)

This is clockworks spinning.. this is multiple gears.. this is a body regulating..

just an idea though.. just an idea.. no stress..keep it simple..
we like to eat them.. have them for breakfast.. make lunch.. and then dinners. Get hungry.. eat you all over again... i am thinking of aerial stunts all of a sudden.. i guess that's another convo though

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