Saturday, March 29, 2008

Letter to the Peoples, Mission Link

Letter to the Peoples,

I felt an all of a sudden jarring need to say. something. Whilst sitting here this early Saturday braiding my hair into plaits for the day. Basically it's time to launch. It's time to launch. And I say this is no pseudo-cool get ready get ready way.It's really time to launch. Reaching the next phase of the journey, the next stage of this flight and journey.

That involves many things. It involves "building", which I had the pleasure of talking to this nice fellow from San Diego about this past week.. never talked to him before, but we move nonetheless... And we mutually noted that word.

It involves sharing. It involves brainstorming. And it involves completion. Of a stated dream, goal, task. And no deferment.
No deferment period, and no waiting, no waiting on ourselves to jump into the skin of ourselves we dream of.

As always I've been writing emails and messages and making calls..talking, dreaming, sleeping, waking,
hoping to connect myself and the people and our dreams across our space or time or distance.. those certain uncertain things. Hoping to light up these connections like a highway in the night. I think we can make real powerful things happen through those connections.. that are already there if we should see them. i just seem to believe..

-I the Abioto

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