Sunday, March 30, 2008

when you be passin me by

Ran into this fellow two weeks ago as I was coming out of the Metro in DC.
I was all luggage lugged down coming out. You know when you see people and are just really peeping their style or I don't know something about them.. And you're just mutually kinda checkin each other out and not always on the I think you're attractive tip.
I think people can just appreciate seeming strangers, perhaps people you might never talk to. Or I guess I do that all the time.. like think to myself.."how lovely was that person just passing me by?" or "mm mm goodness gracious". You know? I think the world is full of people bounty worth appreciating. And this dude, who I eventually did say hello to and ask to take his picture is apart of that. As well as the dude sitting in the background, who I didn't talk to... but is almost there purposefully. MM mm mM, goodness gracious. beauty.
On an related unrelated tip.. this is my freshman year spring 05.
Atlanta. Spelman. Castleberry Apt. Citizens of Life brigadiers mix.

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