Saturday, July 5, 2008


..and then there's the point when you're working on something and you're getting increasingly theoretical and philosophical. and you're getting down to the words you're using. you're using the dictionary and you're oxford english dictionaring it. you'd like for it to sound right.
you'd like for it to ring. and to have all the intention inside .. all of your hopes.
what's the difference between the word and the meaning.
specifically if you're making your way to something of your own making..
swimming to it like a fish.
Can there be a synthesis or a mirroring of the words and your very first perfect intention.
Or is this a moot point.
Should you try your best and know you'll make your way there? by and by
Getting Actual. Bring your possible. into being.

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  1. I'm always searching for the correct words to interpret what I mean. I believe meaning is more important. I like to use as few words as possible to get at the heart of what I'm trying to express.

    The search is always on...