Sunday, April 6, 2008

The importance of making a new story

In the previous post I talked about making a new story..
as soon as I finish some critical school work..
we'll talk about the importance of making a new story...

If we do not always know completely why stories work ( though i could go into that too)

we do in many ways know the ways in which they've worked.. and what their effects are.. and what they engender in people..


I should like to say quickly that the making of a new story is close to the making of new worlds/ worlds and realities for people. Like an author writes a book.. like a traveler plots his or her itinerary..

Within this class I'm taking, Americans Abroad: Travel Literature we're sometimes talking about the ways travel literature is like a double form..( and no one's actually said double form.. i just made that up because i'm lacking a better way to describe it).. in that the travel writer is writing what is happening along their journey, but they are simultaneously scripting their journey as they script their writing.. as they script their life.
This is to say that a traveler is in a very hands on way scripting and writing both the story of their journey and the story of their life.
Travel is in a sense a microcosm of life's journey.. travel is in a sense story-making, story-telling.

"we travel in a sense to have more freedom, to script or choreograph our lives"- C. Baraw

What would it mean to script or choreograph our lives?
Is that possible?
What do you think? I mean naturally there are variables of learning.. etc?
but do you really think that people can make a choice about where they are going and what they want? Do you really think so? Does that sound perhaps.. how shall I put it.. bold to say the least? even in some cases disrespectful?
Does that sound dangerously bold? I mean so often it seems like it's easier to think and accept that we're subject to the whims of the nameless fate or better yet, the thoughts and actions of both the named and unnamed masses of other people or someone else, or the vastness of a whirring world.

Shall I even dare to say and think that I, whoever I am, can actually write my own story, write my own world, tell this life as I would like it, and make my own dream?

Do I dare? do I indeed have (as my mother likes to say) the unmitigated gall?

I hope so.
I do dare hope so.

But what could this possibly mean?
for anyone..
and myself?


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