Saturday, April 5, 2008


The project crushes together old and new forms of human storytelling. a potpourri! of


to test the grounding across these mediums..
and test the power of stories to heal us and make a way.
All these mediums tell a story of what either what once was, what is now, or will be.

The project is not just a docu-narrative film, though we are making one. It's not just a travel narrative or a book of photographs and writing, though we are working on that. It's not just journalism, or dance, though we are dancing and finding stories and all of these methods of seeing and engaging with the world are integral. The Project is a way of looking and engaging with our dreams and stories that hopefully can be used across genres or a life.

It's at it's simplest a hopeful way of looking at our lives and our dreams.Through storytelling of the past, the present, and what may be the future we hope to remember ourselves and inspire ourselves and each other.

There are so many dreams and so many stories and so many visions of the future that beckon to be told. There are so many dreams that beckon to be made real. That need to be made real, for all of us, literally for all of us to live. Where are those dreamers and where are their dreams?

We want to find them, wherever they are. As young people we may or may not have money or say have established ourselves in the world, but we do have our ideas and our dreams.

And if most things begin with a dream, then there's possibility there... some of the most powerful possibility there is it seems.. some of the most self-sustaining possibility. Some of the most powerful possibility.

It seems to me if we can find and focus on this idea of dreams and the power of ourselves, particularly particularly for people whose dreams and stories are not always being told and shared,
for whatever reason,
whose stories and dreams are missing in the global panorama of dreams and stories told!
and further further my friends, dreams and stories realized! (There's a correlation there.)
If we can actively bring up our stories, make a way, and an opening for those dreams and stories to be spoken and shared and told. If we can carry those stories to the foreground,
if we can in this small big way... do that.

Then we can do something great.

We can make a new story.

I think we can do something great!
Then we can welcome something great!
I think we can really do something great!
I pretty much feel it and it excites me immensely!

And that'd just be the spark..

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