Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Come along with me" SpringSummerStatus

A couple of things on this one.

Man, I've been rolling on this project for about a year now, pretty much non-stop, pretty much foremost in my mind , pretty much all the time.

So I'm taking a break for a couple of days..
then I'll be roaming around the country between the 9th and the 21st. I might just stop in where you are for a minute.. if you send me some info about where you'll be.. then i could try to come say hello to you

....or if you know some places that'd be interesting to go..
....or some people worth seeing..

2. This is a friggin work in progress. We're making this stuff up as we go along you know. For real. I just wanna say that. We on this stuff everyday.

3. Things've gotta get bigger around here. It was never our intention for it to just be us. There's a lot of things we're passionate about.

This summer we're looking for some fellow passengers..riders.
where are you going to be?
would you like to come where we're going?
where and how can we meet up and cross-connect in space ( if you haven't already guessed this project is about connections )
what can we do? where can we go?
where can we meet up and be face to face? ideas? let's make it happen.
we make way(s) around here.
let's play.

4. tHATS all For Now
more Later More SOon

-Intisar/this modern day flight crew

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