Sunday, February 24, 2008

spring. this summer. really right now..

This is Ali, one of the kind people who showed us around in Djibouti.
Many of the men's beards were this particular red color. I have yet to find out
precisely what they used. Someone said henna, but I'm not so sure. I will
get back with you all on that.

Dear World,

hmmmm, i know we've been a little bit missing around here, but!
we're still here!

What has happened is I'm back at school and having to balance school life ( ya! ya ya)
with this project, which we are still very much still doing and planning and developing.

We're working on our spring break and summer break lineup and plans.
We're also brainstorming and coming up with new crazy ideas.

There's so much to say here.

This is practical here, I mean I've actually been working on how best to balance. That's part of flight to you know.. balance.. ballistics.. doing something anyway and all ways how. I mean
I have class tomorrow morning.

But we're going to be switching some things up around here.

1. We'll be doing shorter and more frequent posts. And we need to share more of our experiences thus far and from Djibouti. So I'll be doing a series of photo posts with accompanying thoughts/ descriptions. I'll be doing one of those a day.

2. One of our ultimate goals is to get other people/ make it possible for other young people to come with us/ join this journey/ create their own stories. I'm just going to go ahead and put that out there.. wait for it .. wait for it.
I mean initially we didn't know how we were even going to do this.. but we knew we were going to do it and get there.. and here we are.. still doing it.. so.. you just better wait for it..

3. We want! feedback, ideas, and suggestions. We desire suggestions for destinations! Coming this March/spring break we're really wanting to share the things we've learned about making a dream or intention happen/ flying, specifically with young people/our peers and just anyone at all. If you have ideas for places that would be good for us to visit/or give a talk or have a conversation with people/ exchange/ or film please write us. This is important. We've gotta share this stuff you know.

4. To all the people who have contributed in various ways, whether monetarily or through well wishes I haven't forgotten you. You are on our list for photographs from Djibouti and the journey. Really really really. I've just been getting settled back at school.

5. I think that's all for now. more soon


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  1. Oh Wow, what a beautiful picture of Ali. Job well done on updating your readers about Djibouti.

    I will email you the other students info, so we all can keep up on your project.