Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kalimah Lima on the Radio.radiooOO

Here goes our Kalimah with some of the fellows we had a roundtable
discussion with at the University of Djibouti. The two ladies to
the right are Johanne with the Africa Travel Association's Young Professional Network
and Aslie, the Director of Youth in the Djiboutian Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Recreation.

Kalimah just screened a short from The People Could Fly documentary work this past Friday downtown at the Dumas Arts Festival in Roanoke, VA. My plan was to head down to Virginia, but with the winter storm in this part of the northeast I ended up staying in Connecticut.

But I heard it was great! Hopefully I can get Kalimah on here to say a little bit about it and the discussion afterwards.
But in the meantimes, the betweentimes..

Listen! to Kalimah's radio interview with Studio Virginia 89.1FM Regional arts and culture news magazine, hosted by Gene Marrano & Cara Modisett as she talks about the PEOPLE COULD FLY DOCUMENTARY and why and how and REALLY what we're doing. For those of you still kind of wondering what this is really all about here's a good way to get it straight from the source.




  1. Antisa, Ou es-tu passee? je ne t'ai pas vue dans la photo.

    Hey, Enleve-toi la tete...

  2. Great interview.
    ~ Nicole