Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap! Year Travels: Stranded in Bradley International Airport

SO folks!

I'm stranded in Hartford International Airport! tonight!

This won't be the first time! I've stayed here overnight
or Detroit
or Charles De Gaulle in Paris, France! (on the way back from Dakar..! in 06)
I'm catching a flight out at 6 AM to MEM

So in honor of the moment
I'll be posting things ALLNIGHT long,
photos, writing, links to fly people, etc.

For you folks who aren't going out you can check on me intermittently.. or check in the morning for coverage..

And if you send me a message tonight or whatever and maybe I'll post it with all the other stuff I'm doing tonight.

Man, I love these time space travels,
gees friggin louise!

watching the sun go down on the tarmac..

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