Friday, June 22, 2007


out of focus dominoes
garage sale on the morrow
purging of accumuation also..
cut my nails off today
saying the word no
juicy orange tcby
cleaning out storage
searching for my hs diploma drawn by meredith h. ..treasure treasure
daydreaming about transcending
taking a break from the rush of letters emails and moving
this is a moment in time
we stand solitary on a boat
aisha fever of 104- ear infection- the maladies of chidren
saying no
talking about senegal- still reaching moments of clarity a year later
durga- boundaries.. you must set the boundaries of motion and influx
this family of 6 women- to move to move to move as a unit
unafraid of this feminity, yet not accepting or allowing definition by others
we must be our own vehicle, our own cadillac
we must take good care
we must be our own champions
breathing fully
saying forth
sallying forth into the day and night
walking upright
and learning
my aloe tree is growing
no apologies for existence
no apologies for existence
sitting silent speaking for existence
mornin dewing for existence
... i'll see you when the day breaks

a little something for the kiddies..

"Let's see.
Looking is a language. Look: A Dog, a Tree, a Car, a Man.
We apply labels to things in order to understand and
process them. In Genesis, God hass Adam name the
animals. Labels make abstract thinkign possible. But
because we overdo it, looking replaces seeing, and we soon
stop seeing things for what they truly are. We say "tree" and
and stop saying "elm", stop saying"thirty year old elm, with silvery
bark missing in fist-sized circles on the eastern half of its trunk, 37-foot
8-inch elm elm with 37,437 leaves, some mustard colored, other sap green."
and we completely miss going to the next level, where language fails us
altogether, where things are so specific they can have no name,
where they
are absolutely real."

-The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission
to Be the Artist You Truly Are
by Danny Gregory

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