Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We Are

“…..The People Who FLY…. We walk up on the air like climbin’ up on a gate.”

Sisters, five sisters, who grew to enlightenment through Virginia Hamilton’s works. She helped us see that we are: The People Who Could Fly. We flew, as we grew up, into explorers of dreams and life. We are exploring our dreams along with your dreams - Our dreams. We are explorers of Love, Freedom, Movement, and Life, all of our lives. We are spreading the word. That you are…We are…The People Who Fly.

We Will

“…Ride the air….Ride the hot breezes…cross the rows, the fields, the fences, and the streams…. And will be away.”

Fly. Fly to various cities, towns, and countrysides in the United States. And from there we will rise up and away to the continents of Africa (Ghana), South America (Brazil), and anywhere there are dreams of flight we will spread our wings and fly. To you.

We will explore our dreams collectively.

We will weave our dreams into a mosaic of film, photography, dance, and song as a testament of our collective genius.

We will preserve our dreams as a reminder for the present and a vision of our future.


“And he sighed the ancient words that were a dark promise. He said them all around to the others… We are the ones who fly”

We are forming a network that will reach from shore to shore.

We are connecting with people all over the world regardless of race, creed, economic status, or gender to explore and document the power of dreams and flight.

We are seeking your hand in forming a “ring-circle” for we are also bringing with us on the journey the story of The People Could Fly, dreamt by those enslaved and told by Virginia Hamilton.

Today, we bring this story to you dreamt anew. We will perform this fable through dance and mixed media of sound, photography, and documentary video wherever dreamers reside along the path of ascent.

We Come to you with open arms and a story to tell.

Do not Be Afraid to pay homage to your dreams.

If you would like a performance, to contribute, to tell dream, simply take part in the process

Get at Us!

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