Sunday, June 10, 2007

Atlanta Atalanta

Sunday June 10

I want to put faith into this.
I want to put faith into this.
I do.
I am in Atlanta with 3 of my 4 sisters. Kalimah Abioto is here in spirit, being in Memphis and making her ways and means as as she does know how...
perhaps you can never fully relay an experience as I cannot fully relate this to you now,
but we came here yesterday, landed down...
and in the mist of this humid Georgia land and these wide green trees of this place, folding along or moving treelike as I have only seen Georgia trees do ( nothin against other trees.. they have their own thing going.. don't we all) and these wide Atlanta streets. Moving hotlike we have been and zinging of fire, ofthap, mayhap, .. a fire we don't even understand. I have been in a kind of daze/days, part of it being the being with people from the past, people from the future, people of the present place, people who create a place for me, wherever I believe we are..
but here
arrived with Aisha. And those who do not know it is something to travel with a small child, not just as a sister but as a caretaker. I mean there are just things you have to think of. So although I have traveled with her with my parents or my mother this was a completely different situation. Not a joke actually. So we arrived in this city and this has been a learning process.. it all is. Can we jump the curve? the learning curve. We are throwing ourselves out..
(several hours have passed since the last sentence)
I will have to say with this writing thing I will have to catch myself at the optimum writing moments whilst also knowing that sometimes I will just have to write anyway.. like now. Once again I am faced with the task of wanting to elucidate an experience I have not even elucidated for myself yet. But maybe something will come of this writing for the moment with much conglomerated and coagulated feeling, much log of experience. Maybe something will come from the rush of draft without the kind of analysis to explain the feeling and the meaning I was feeling. And truly certainly I am realizing as I embark on the maiden voyage that the world is so big and there are a thousand pictures to be taken. You don't have to take all of them. And .. i don' know.. I was told I really need to craft my thesis and this is more than true, more than. I do you quantitate a whole experience. I was walking along today, as I have been walking along and I was thinking to myself. Is this the People Could Fly Project? Is this it? How do I place this particular moment, the whole world spinning on all sides of my solemn eyeballs, underneath my feet and above.. how do I place this in whatever young making I had decided I was going to be making. Thus far it is following a nose, picking an instance off of reality in which I can jump in and say to some fellow on the ATL MARTA train station ..."Hey. My name is Intisar Abioto.. ya ya ya.. I am doing this project.." And there are so many to potentially talk.. to ya know.. so many instances I am out there in space talking to what would seem to be strangers.. And this is only the beginning. I guess this is learning the ways and hows of actually being a person out in the world with a mission ( process. journey.. not only or even 100% goal) you have given to yourself.

9:19 AM Monday,

I've figured out that I'm going to do this like this. I keep getting called away from the computer and that will be a natural thing.


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