Friday, December 5, 2008

fes rooftops medina taxi people chantal all!

There's a lot.
Photos to edit. So many.
Thoughts to think.
Semi-conclusions to make. Beginnings to begin. That already are
beginning themselves.

And Morocco. And Wesleyan. And Memphis. And Paris. And every where? And what's happening next. I guess we're getting there in the by and by. And sometimes I turn around and something new has happened. Just cause I've been going there. Something new cause I've been believin. Saying so.

And what all you want to hear? What wants to be said? What about all this wants to be communicated?

I guess I just want to share a story. Part of it, a good deal of it is my story. Yes it is.
It is. There is a good deal I would like to be, do, see, feel, share.

And my entry into this world is through feeling all of that, taking myself there-here,
and talking, sharing, communicating in a community in a place in a world with others.
And being real certain and real diligent about all of things.
Being real certain about myself as I am and want to be will be and my many connections to others who are too figuring and finding and going, deciding what and where and who and what to be. There is something intrinsic there. Maybe you know what I mean.

If not certain about everything as it will happen, if not in fact knowing everything,
or the details of this life, Then being very certain, very fiery, and very calm about my process.
Breathing into it. Saying it. And having to say nothing. It is 7:44 AM on Friday. It is December the 5th. It is 2008. I am 22. And I am here right now. And this exact hour is mine. And there are many all over the world. Right now. And people living in them. Or better those hours living inside the individual. That's something else I saw while traveling this week. There are so many hours happening. One single hour passes.
From Fes. Train to Fes. Casablanca. Airplane. Paris. Shuttling and coming in. And coming out. ocean. America. And all the ones I knew and loved there. To be in their hour. To be in their place. Oh, to be in their! stories. . So many hours. And I claim this one as mine. Something about saying that feels good. I claim that as mine. claiming your hour

As a person
as a young person
living life.

And figuring out things as I go.
Taking broader steps. Speaking stronger in myself of myself and this world.
Speaking stronger of us.
Maybe that is what this is about.

I want to share a simultaneous hour. or something. my words are petering out.

no need to puzzle this.


  1. i like the focus on time, space, and claiming moments. and beautiful photos. what kind of camera do you use?