Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Moroc

So I'm in Morocco. I admit its hard sometimes writing on the go. How to say.. how to explain.. even while you are taking in experiencing.. and putting out yourself.

There is something about looking up at a sky all around you.
Opening your eyes, who you are, and turning around and around and around again
to look to see
the sky and the ground and the world
as it turns
and around you.

One of the things I best like to do when I reach some place is to go outside and look at the sky as it spreads around me. The ground necessarily beneath me. And I think to myself. I am here.
And as far as I turn and as far as I look there is this place I have brought myself to - ooh and many others too. As far as I look the picture continues. Fluidi That is when you want to .. something you can breathe in.

Choice. Decision. Belief. And once again who we are. Who we want to be. Same thing? This is something I really believe in. And the picture the frame the experience as it moves around us. As we move it.

Thanksgiving in Morocco.. to be quite exact.

Here goes...

WED, NOV 26 10 AM taxi to Hartford International for 12:27 pm flight to Detroit International Airport (DTW).
9:25 PM flight that night to Paris (CDG) arriving at about 11:30 AM Thursday.
12:55 pm flight from Paris to Casablanca (CMN), Mohammed V International Airport.
Meets Chantal James at airport, can't find her, wanders around goes outside to look at sky
comes back in. contemplates how to get some durhams, speaks no arabic, some french. where to go what to do. talks to a nice lady from US, I forget where exactly, who too is waiting.. but for her Moroccan husband.
Chantal finds her.
Takes 5 hour train to Fes, Morocco. -Gets dark. Transfers. Waits in train station at Casa Voyager to transfer. Both meet, begin talking to man from the Congo. Boards again.
Rolls through the night.. (Where am i going?)
in passenger car on train through Morocco. Oh what a way to move. Move. through space. And through night. through night.. in darkness. not necessarily in silence. in french. and arabic. moroccan arabic. And sleep too. Sleep. Inshallah! Ahh body. memory. space. time. motion. voice. and the self. shuttling.. shooting forth. choosing. saying where you would wish to go. going.. pushing through like bullet.. like baby.. like something. here space. earth. ground.
air. here. there

I should fast forward.
Thanksgiving Morocco.
Collard greens. Macaroni.
Turkey! Oh we had a story on that one. The one we had flew away.
We took another to the community oven.
There is a community oven!
Black eye peas morocco. Black eye peas!

Thanksgiving Morocco!

And an American fire spinner who spins upon Fes rooftop too. Poy!

Yeah.. so i guess there's lots. There is lots!

always more soon i think. I think there is always more soon.

Intisar Victory Abioto

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