Thursday, August 28, 2008

Interstitial- I have a fondness for the interstitial

In between places are places.

-Martha Jane Kaufman, Wesleyan' 08

I was thinking about this quote just now. Jane said this in a conversation with me, just about some 2 years ago now. And a few days after I scribbled it all across a full page in my journal. And I thought about it, because it made so much sense to me in so many many ways. And it rings with something, some kind of promise of finding, and the filling, the purpose of almost everything. To me it talks about space, the space we move in and the space we go to, the places and spaces and people and moments we reside in and those we think about, dream about. the getting there. the going. the coming. the being around, just the being around ourselves. This state of moving-movement and flux and choice, once again a life. Martha Jane is a moverdancerchoreographer- or at least that's just one part of the many words I can use to describe her. Or maybe those are just things she does.She probably knows more or even different words, but.. yeah
I was just thinking about that.
The promise of the in between, how those too are full. can be..


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