Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Imagination Inspires Nations

Janelle Monae
Wondaland Arts Society

I first heard about Janelle Monae a couple years ago.
The lady's been steadily building.. and they are doing AMaZinG things.
Very good to see this happening. Extremely Inspiring. yES

From The Wondaland Arts Society blog:

"The Imagination Campaign embraces the idea of using Imaginations from every corner of the globe to form a collective that is conscious of its power and responsibility for future generations. In as much as The Imagination Campaign has everything to do with Janelle MonĂ¡e’s musical odyssey, it also highlights the individual activity of her supporters in a way that introduces them to peers in their surrounding area and encourages them to be fearless in pursuing their dreams."

We desire:
To encourage fearlessness To seek freedom through innovation & productivity To plant revolutions with the seeds of hope and knowledge

Keep it coming! y'all. Imagination YeS!
the PeOple CouLD Fli approve.

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