Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman was the first African American (male or female) to become an airplane pilot and the first American of any race or gender to hold an international pilot license. She was American, but she had to go to France to do this. 1921
You look at something like this and can't help but think what kind of lineage. what kind of legacy. one leaves. and (is) passed on to you.and it makes you think that you can't help but to be so great. you know?
and then you've already got them..
(f)lying (p)apers..and they're yours to take



  1. Amazing...the unlimited horizons of possibility. Gotta inspire...thanks for reminding us...

  2. I've been a fan of hers for years! She's my avatar for google. An amazing spirit and talent.

  3. Oh boy! Oh gurrrrrrl! You know how I love those who take flight. I love Bessie Coleman, I love love love her! Oh and Amelia Earhart- I used to think I would be the one to find her, relaxing on an island somewhere just because she wanted to get away from it all- just because she wanted to rest for a spell. oh man! oh girl! I thought I would be the one! Flying papers indeed!