Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the places you'll be going.. mmm

so you know when you read so many books as a kid or watch so many movies

and then you get to a point when they are still good
but you aren't satisfied

so then you have to go and write the book you want to read
and maybe star in the movie you'd like to see.

Then you go and try and live the life you'd like to see happen.. then you go all off and try to do something risky and scary for which there seems like there's really no blueprint or man you can't even do a google search to find what you're looking for..

That's blankness .. or goodness.. sometimes there seems like there's no hand to lead you.

But then you go ahead. Because you have to. What else will you do if you don't go ahead.

As scary as it seems sometimes.. I wouldn't I don't think know what else to do.

Though sometimes it actually is a little scary when it's you! Aww man it's you and your life!
And other people! And the world! And everything! oooh and you again.

I'm circumscribing my life you know. These are just my present thoughts on the matter.

Then you find something!
And it's good.

And you keep on going.

People are graduating these days you know.

And everyone always gets them "Oh! The Places You Will Go!" by Dr. Seuss.

Mm Mm Mm.. Goodness gracious. Yes.


plus when i was in the first grade and first starting in school i used to make these like mazes up
in my journal, in which i was supposed to be writing whatever was on the board.

So I'd draw little boxes with some words or.. i don't know if i could write so well then.. but maybe it had arrows or those dots or -- -- -- things to lead people and you had to get to the end.. and this was all on notebook paper in those spiral notebooks. I always wanted my friend Nailah to do it, because she sat next to me at my table in Ms. Owen's room.

Does this life sound familiar?


  1. yes. familiar, yes. and yes, I am hesitating to jump into the unknown. soon, maybe. soon, I hope that I jump soon.

    i drew so much in school, and also my favorite game was that a unicorn (invisible to everyone else) crashed through the classroom ceiling and came to play and live with me. it was magical, I made it real, in a sense.