Monday, April 7, 2008

freedom. in stages


that's all

free like a prayer or something
like a song you wanna sing or over and over again when you are little
so that the words smush together
and you are singing gummy syllables that sound good to you
as you ride in the back of the car

free like something like that
free like not remembering what happened yesterday

free like i don't know

free like not really caring if this is a good poem
or a poem at all

free like halfway caring if i want to

free like not looking in the mirror for how i will look

free like something

free like a trope running all over the place

free like a boy

free like a boy
free like a boy

free like a girl
who has doubled herself over wondering if she's free

free like that free

free like throw-up which is really free

free like thinking shoot, i don't want to do that anymore

free like writing a poem you need to write to yourself

free like saying the words

free like stomping your foot in church or in the davison rare books room while looking at rare books

free like looking yourself in the mirror and thinking shoot i'm pretty, even though

free like, thinking

free like writing free like over and over again

free like taking up all the space

free like not looking down when you come in the room and your paper is late

free like hating someone simply because you love them

free like not caring about the academic and whether this or that was a sick sad love poem
that everybody has ever written
that will never be good
because so many people were only trying to let go of something

free like that crafty uncrafty love poem, yeah that love poem
of half spoken syllables and smeared like spit slick lips

which people will always write, and which will always help people

free like that poem, which is of people

free like .. breath

free like fuck!

free like walking

free like sitting with yourself silently after something
happens to you or you have happened something to yourself, and
remembering something good about yourself you need to remember, which you could
if you choose to then, forget

echoing something inside your ribs, as you hold yourself with arms or not,
something ok
just something ok

that's all being free is
today it seems

what is being free tomorrow

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