Thursday, March 27, 2008

There are no recycle bins in airports...

I've noticed something strange on our frequent trips through airport land. And I want to see if anybody else has noticed.. or what? Because it's kind of strange and I would expect something a little better. You tell me..

I haven't seen or witnessed a single recyle bin in any of the airports I've been through. Are my eyes decieving me?

I've been to MEM, LGA, DCA, ATL, SFO, CDG, DTW, BDL, LAX, JAN, JIB, and RDU over the past year and as far as I can recall haven't seen a single recycle bin.

I'd say I didn't see one in Amsterdam, but maybe I wasn't looking. To their benefit though they had these really cool escalators that only turned on when someone was about to step on it to use it.
But on route to some place I can't recall I know I carried at least 4 plastic bottles in my bag, because there were just no recycle bins..

And that just doesn't make sense given the sheer amount of plastic goods that are sold and bought simply within airports. You can't bring liquids in anymore so think about the number of beverages that are bought SIMPLY within the world of airports. And what if people did not recycle all those bottles, which as I would guess is not happening. I wonder how many empty bottles airports produce in a day.

One would think that someplace as supposedly knowledgeable or as upright as an airport would've gotten the gist.. or even that the people passing through the airports would've noticed.. or even if you're thinking about what we leave behind in a place.. if you're a traveler you should be conscious of what you leave behind. I mean those bottles aren't going on the plane with you. They're staying in the place where you left it... What does that say about how much you care? Or are perhaps really thinking about your various destinations? The airport is made to feel like such a sterile looking place. What if all the trash and bottles that were used there just stayed there.. in the airport.. maybe then people would notice.. and perhaps care..

This isn't really a tirade or anything. I'm just wondering if anybody else has noticed.

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  1. I've never thought of that. have I been blind to it too? I can't remember seeing or not seeing one. But the west coast is very environmental. I think the airports in Portland, OR had one.

    Was there one in Halifax? Can't exactly remember. But the entire city recylced and even COMPOSTED trash. On every street corner, in the park, on the unvesity campus, in the buidlings, where were these 4-5 holed trash cans - one for recycleable materials (paper, containers -plastics, alumninum, glass, steel, compost, then trash). But if you did it right, what's trash?