Sunday, March 2, 2008


Hi, Intisar
Got your e-mail that you're stranded in Hartford, but u didn't say why. Is it weather or overbooked flight, or something else? I like the way you seem to take it all in stride. Maybe a part of that comes from learning to enjoy the journey. I remember when I first started flying standby and a few times we didn't catch a flight, and I would get a little stressed out about it. But now, I seem to enjoy airports and watching people moving from here to there. If I manage to maneuver myself from one airline to another and get from one terminal to another to work my way home, that's fine, but if I don't, I just enjoy the journey.
Been reading your blog. Verrrrrry interesting reading, and lovvvvvve your pictures, too. I can see that Djibouti was quite an adventure. I enjoyed reading how it all came about. There's something about opening your mind up to possibilities that puts your body into motion to make things happen. ..
-Aunt Jayne

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