Thursday, March 13, 2008

Green For All Presents Dream Reborn, Memphis! TN

Oh, I'm so friggin excited for this. I just got a call on my phone from an Alana at Green For All.She'd left a message for my sister Kalimah telling us about
the Dream Reborn Conference going down April 4-6th in Memphis, TN.
That's right! Memphis, where we're from. So I'm pretty excited because Memphis really
could use some ideas like this. I'm superstoked and personally plan to tell everyone I know and plan to hop a plane back home from school when the time comes. Holla!
View the great reel below. Sign up too!

Big deal ok.. Big deal!

- I the Abioto!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for letting me know about this - I posted it as a Blog Action Item - let's Spread the word.

    I'll check my schedule. I'd like to go, but no promises.

    Should get some GREAT dream testimonies from the conference attendees. Wow! When you get it all together, you should submit the footage to a "Green or Environmental Film Festival". Those type of film events are popping up all over.