Thursday, March 6, 2008

DREAMING. All Over the World.

New York, New York!

So, this was last November or December when we flew up to NYC for the "Here and Now" Conference: Black Media and Art at NYU. Personally, it was quite serendipitous. Not so much the conference, but the folks, sites, and scenes I happened to see like THIS young man and a girl I knew and had been thinkin about that I just magically happened to run into on the subway train. Funny how things happen...and we flew on.

Nashville TN Fisk University

So about an hour after having followed Ms. Nikki Giovanni around for basically the whole day (picking up laundry, scheduling a tree planting ceremony) we met this intelligent young lady outside of our doorway. She was blasting jams that happened to seep out into the hall. I think she was an RA, but we started in on a conversation with her. And this is what she had to say...

Djibouti, Djibouti Africa Aslie, Dear Aslie

This girl was mad crazy, way funny, and cute as a button. You wouldn't know it, but the first day we arrived in Djibouti I had my phone and mini video camera stolen and she made it her mission to get it back. She's the director of the sports, youth, and leisure ministries in Djibouti so she took us to her office and brings almost everybody in the room for questioning, profiling the driver, our hostess... everybody. We didn't understand what was said(French). I personally thought a fight was about to break out. Lol. But here she is ... and shout out to her cousins, who basically took us in like we were family and gave us some good eats.

To the director and her family!

New Orleans, Louisiana

You know what! There is no place like New Orleans. I don't care where you go, or where you've been. They are some of the livest, kindest folks I've met. This was on my 24-48 passport trip and these were some young high school dudes I ran into and started conversing with. Check em out. Keep supporting New Orleans y'all.

Tennessee State University

So, we've all heard of the Fisk Jubilee Singers. Well folks, THIS IS NOT THEM.
While following Ms. Giovanni around we attended a luncheon for the National Association of Black Journalists where Giovanni gave a very controversial and provoking talk (I'll put the footage up soon). The TSU choir gave a beautiful performance and I got a nice little tour of the TSU media and performance center, which is pretty damn nice.

Fisk University Nashville, TN

These two young dudes were a breath of fresh air after having interviewed Ms. Giovanni, who's very opinionated. That's all I'm saying. They're from Chi-town, South Side, and they had a good spirit. Sometimes talking to people is like pulling teeth, but it was the opposite with them. We would have gotten deeper but my battery quit on me. So sad, too bad. Next time.

Red Sea. East Africa Nathalie, Sweet Nathalie

So the Assistant Director of the Africa Travel Association, if I'm correct, is from Haiti. On a trip to the Red Sea on the coastal area of Djibouti, we all of a sudden got into a conversation about music and she mentions Wyclef Jean, whose non-profit group she used to work for. We start talking about The Score and Gone Til November and on. Well, you know how music brings back memories...and this is what she said.
Shout out to Nathalie... Thanks for the advice.

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  1. Nice Vignettes...what's the story behind each of them?