Friday, February 29, 2008

some kind of part two or three

Its 2:33 am. I got here around.. 3 something.. maybe 3:30 pm.. so I've been here going on 11 hours.
Time kinda flies.
Maybe I should say.. just so people don't think I'm really stuck here.. that I could have left here if I had wanted to.. I'm not actually stranded.

You know I haven't taken any pictures yet. I mean the airport is pretty devoid. I just kind of haven't felt like doing it. Maybe I'll muster up the some energy around 4 or something.

You know there's something about being up alone and late. And at a place like an airport . Its so open , that you start to feel funny inside. But I haven't slept yet. And its not really hard. What's hard is staying up on a paper.It never works for me.

I feel like a chai from Pi or Klekolo.
I'm drinking some water.

Also sometimes you get more emotional as the night wears on.. i mean not really.. just your boundaries or location starts to bleed over.

Suddenly I am thinking of 4th grade.

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