Monday, February 25, 2008

Purple Mag / This oh so Ultraviolet Underground !

I've been meaning to shout out these people for a while now.
Quite simply this mag/ place is ridiculously great.

I stop here at least once a day just cause it's so positive and necessary.

And they're accepting submissions for their Purple Mag as well. See below and Check them here.

The Green Issue and Fall/Winter Modern Myth Anthology for Underrepresented Cultures Issues will be released in '08. Respective Deadlines: April 6 and September 6
You can also submit .MP3's (Indie artists only) for the accompanying musical goodies being compiled as digital goodies.

Submission guidelines and general info for Purple Mag are listed below. Please email purplemag at for more information

Purple Magazine and are part of a collective effort to provide independent thinkers with content from Underrepresented Culture/Indie Artists, Grassroots efforts and Metaphysical/Green-centered Holistic thinking.

Ummm hmmm. yup. That's right. we approve.

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  1. Deeply humbled over here. Many thanks for the love and much respect on the Fly ones at TPCF project.

    Have bliss in your sphere