Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Timeline to Djibouti and some books I like..

3:00 AM Monday morning, January 7:
Intisar Abioto surfs the internet late at night, like so many other nights searching for answers to thoughts and opportunities and people/orgs to talk to that might be cool. She is sleepy and her sister Amenta tells her to go to bed, but keeps on anyway.
Finds this site called ATA, thinks this might be cool, sees something about young professionals network.

searches on google for more information, and finds a random blog that says something about a trip to a place called Djibouti and that they are funding young people to go. The trip is less than two weeks away and it said the registration form was due noon the next day. School starts soon too. She thinks.. well.. then decides to try anyway.. She writes a couple of semi-urgent emails.

Monday morn 8:30 CT/9:30 ET

Intisar calls the ATA office in New York to see what's up? She talks to a very nice lady and tells her about the project and if it might be possible for them to come. She says that the applications for the Young Professional Network were due months ago from students, but she will see about it. Intisar tells her sisters and parents.
Intisar spends a hectic day wondering how to make this happen. Sometimes she lets herself get stressed. She wonders if she can pull this off.

Tuesday Afternoon:

Nice lady from ATA calls back to say The People Could Fly Project is approved to go to East Africa and that the ATA and the gov of Djibouti will take care of their expenses while in Djibouti for the symposium. They have been wanting to go to Africa since May. It has been less than a day and half since Intisar came upon the blog. She tells her family and sends out some emails to friends and family.

Wednesday, 01.09.07:
She looks up flight routes through Northwest and other carries to Djibouti, East Africa. She tries to find one with the least stops from Memphis, TN to Djibouti.

Thursday and Friday, 01.11.07: She makes calls to anyone and everyone while the business week is still alive. Kalimah heads to New Orleans from Virginia to get her passport. Intisar calls the mayors' office and a county commissioner and a state senator. She leaves combs through her email address book. She needs to raise some money. Sometimes she gets stressed and sometimes she is afraid and sometimes she is alright. She thinks about how important it is for people to visit Africa and other continents.messages. Calls and writes friends and PR at Wesleyan University and Spelman College. She wants to make this process easier for other young people who want to do this. She is posted up at the computer. Many people express their congratulations and best wishes. She appreciates them all and keeps going. What lies ahead?

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 01.14.07:
Kalimah passes through Memphis on her way to NY. Intisar is still posted at the computer and telephone. She falls asleep in the chair Monday night. She coordinates passport appointments for sisters and tries to bring things together. Holds event downtown. Receives donations from family and some friends that visit. Aunt Jane brings the globe from her house and wants everyone to find Djibouti.

Monday, Tuesday 01.15.07:
Still needing more she resources she makes more calls to more people in a day than she ever has, perhaps within the span of some months. Keeping the hope alive. Sometimes taking brief naps, but keeping the hope alive. It ain't over til the fat lady sings, and that's her, and she ain't fat neither. So..! Amenta and Mommy head to New Orleans to get Amenta's passport. She has to retake her passport picture, because in it she was wearing an army fatigue jacket. The lady at the desk tells her to go around the corner to the potato chip store. There is a lady there who takes passport pictures. She tells Intisar this when she gets home, where Intisar is still posted at the computer and phone.

Wednesday Morning 1 AM, 01.16.07:
Intisar is posted up at the computer writing this and sending emails again..
It ain't over till the fat lady sings and She's the fat lady.
Plus I think this trailer is worthwhile to check out.
I found it today while researching for people and orgs to call.

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