Thursday, January 3, 2008

this boy

I was talking to this boy. Somehow I didn't manage to get his name. I had set up a table at one of the Kwanzaa events with some information about the project, some photos on display,
some books, and an interest list you know. And he was just hanging around. just kind of standing over by where I was behind the table, sort of looking at things, but sort of not. Just standing around. So you know, you start to talk to people, because you need to or why not? The interesting thing was I don't think he particularly felt like he had anything to say.. he was just there. And I'm like should I say something? And proceed to ask the normal questions "adults" sometimes ask children.
Like what school do you go to?
How old are you?
What kind of things do you like to do?
So goal oriented you know?
He was pretty cool though, some people you just like.

But you know what though? I think that's the case with a lot of things. Sometimes you don't particularly need to say anything or ask any kind of question. Make up a momentary reason to be. Sometimes you don't need to have pretend to have a purpose
for doing any one thing
or not doing it at all.
Sometimes you just want to be around people or a person. Sometimes you just want to see what happens. Sometimes you just want to see what anything or everything is about.

I wished I'd had something I could have given him, because I know what that's like I think.
And people gave me things when I was younger that helped me out in whatever big and small ways. And that is always nice. And sometimes they still do. This scholar writer by the name of Clenora Hudson-Weems gave me a copy of her book, Emmett Till: The Sacrificial Lamb of the Civil Rights Movement after I did a reading of the story of The People Could Fly, at a Kwanzaa on Monday evening. Alright then.

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