Saturday, December 29, 2007


So I usually start these things off one of a couple of ways,
maybe i just need to upload some pictures from some of the places we've been
or maybe i've seen something cool and want to share it.
Sometimes i know exactly what i want to say,
other times i have no idea, but i know i want to say something
start off from there make, my way from there.
I think I have a couple of things I want to say this evening.

First off, what a great time. I am particularly liking the holidays this year. What a reprieve, time is suspended, and people are allowing themselves tostop the rush, tell people that they are thinking about them without needing to have a reason, and then you can reevaluate about your life, make a plan for the year. There is something about this time of year that is a good time for jumpstarting and planning. I mean summer will be on its way, but you can plan for what you want to do,
apply for things if you wish.

Then too everything is so rich. I mean the colors, the colors are so good, like the food and the reds and the greens and the oranges, and the nice black shoes and coats, Everything around this time of year is just so rich, the colors are thick colors and the clothes are thick clothes and there are so many sizes and shapes.

I just love it, I haven't really talkedabout the holidays thus far, but I really like the stretch of time
between Christmas and the end of Kwanzaa. I mean, geez I really like Kwanzaa this year. I mean it's extended holiday and so much time to reflect. I think this year is maybe the best year I've ever felt about it, even though our family has always done it. But I just think it is so cool, because however you feel about the state of being black or being black or however you live that I think it's a time to feel proud about it and revel in it. I mean honestly I like to see people doing their thing, I like to see people dressed up and feeling good. I like to see that richness of being, that kind of regalia. When do we get a chance to celebrate that? Everyday if we want to, but it's good to see people doing it together.

Alot of thoughts have been going through my head. I've stopped traveling so frequently for the moment, because one it is the holidays and two, I am desiring to approach this project in a different way. It is time for another evolution here. I think we all feel this. Time to get more cunning. Time to use our resources more wisely. Time to prepare for what is coming next. Time to get some greater support. I believe in that. I'm returning to Wesleyan in January. It's been a journey. It has been a journey. From almost a year ago at school to now it has been a journey. It's not over, but we're taking another approach. We're taking another approach, to come back smarter, and harder in the coming months. Come forth in full force. This kind of rising. It's gonna be beautiful. It already is.

I've also been thinking about freshman year or moreso the people I met there. Even though I only spent one year at Spelman and even though we're pretty much spread out across the country and the world right now these are some of my toughest roadies. I feel like we support each other even though we aren't usually in physical presence. Philly, Kansas, Maryland, Morocco, South Africa, Thailand, Japan, Chicago. Man, these people continue to be a constant source of inspiration and support. Life is pretty good with these people around.

I'm looking forward to going back to Wesleyan. I mean, I am. I don't know what's going to happen. I've been so many places, I mean, out there in this world, but mainly in my mind. Mainly in my mind. I took myself to so many places in my mind, its like I have another reason to be there now and another kind of purpose.

In my mind. I say that first. I mean I feel like I was dreaming about this project so hard, about making it happen so hard, that I felt like and feel like it already happened, like I've already been to all the places I wanted to go, even though I haven't gotten to all of them yet. It's already happened.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was heroes. Like heroes. What are heroes? Who saves you?

Here are some words that have been on my mind lately.
I'm also meaning to post some transcribed conversations I've had with various people over the past few months soon,

tuskegee airmen
bomber jackets
those flight goggles
sirius a, sirius b
the dogon people of mali
the golden compass
amelia earhart
bessie coleman
my grandfather and what he was doing at my age

what an adult is versus a child
when you actually stop being a child and are an adult
what that actually even means

by lonely planet

The mapped flight paths in the NWA World Traveler mag, which is deposited in the back of every seat on the plane. These are currently on my walls
outpicture your envisioned world.

Senior Thesis dance

something wonderful

and something wonderful by amel larrieux

1234 by Feist

christmas lights as you ride by in a car taking a picture and they get blurred inside your camera

other photographers

talking to them

people i used to know paper planes foldin em origami

roads grants cash money prizes organizational support relationships

forgetting what they said,
remembering what you thought
forgetting your dreams
remembering them days later
listening to the story
getting my room in order
making a contact list
appreciating and kind of loving this world
kind of loving this world\
kind of do
deciding to
flying people
growing black wings
taking a night ride

i like the sunrise by amel larrieux
mr. bojangles by nina simone
porgy and bess by her again

hecate and crossroads

Finishing what I started


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