Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So here's just a little bit. I will post more soon on the places and
all the people and thoughts and learnings and makings and takings
you know..
But here's a little...

I Made it back to Memphis this afternoon, Kalimah came on back last night.
We flew to Los Angeles this past Friday morning
for a cousin's wedding.. made our way from the airport to shuttle to the bus and then
on to where we were staying.. somehow neglected to figure out the route before hand.
It took us a minute.. but it was cool... sometimes it's alright being lost..
sometimes it's alright to linger.. talked to a couple of people.. a welder who asked us if we needed help.. another lady who by her accent I presume to be Indian who pointed us to a bus option.. and a bus driver who said i had to pay him for advice.. he was chill though..
you have to have your camera out at these moments, but sometimes its not practical.. particularly if you are trying to figure out where you are going and have several bags.. we'll work that one out..
but we chilled in LA.. filmed there.. photographed there.. fish place.. shoe shine shop.. church.. wedding reception.. Leimert park.. shoes being sold on top of a car.. palm trees naturally with christmas decorations along the bottom.. you know.. like that paper foil looking stuff that is not foil though,
but shiny..
tried to get up with Austin P's sister.. but next time.. inshallah.
HMmm..I have some more writing to do on all of this.. this will come in legs..
We stayed until Sunday afternoon.. took the 232 on back to the airport and flew back down south to Nashville, TN
to talk to the People and interview/converse with the poet Nikki Giovanni at
Fisk University, where she is commuting from Virginia Tech and teaching. It's her alma mater.
The people on campus were gracious enough to let us stay at one of the dorms on campus. So we woke up the next morning, kinda sorta bright and early, not too bright though.. and not too early.
Headed over to the John-Aurelia library ( named for historian John Hope Franklin and his wife Aurelia) before we made it over to Ms. Giovanni.
Rolled around with her for a couple of hours at Fisk and later at Tennessee State University which is just down the street, another Historically Black College.
Kalimah had to leave on an earlier flight than I did.
But I stayed on until the morning and chilled with our cousins across town.
And had an authentic Haitian meal.. lovely lovely.. we went to the international
food market and everything..

But I just wanted to put this bit up.
Getting ready to head back out

love to love to love


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