Wednesday, November 14, 2007


without pondering too hard on the beginning

and questioning questing too hard about the end.

Here we are.
Its 4:09 pm on a central standard time, Memphis, TN.
i AM back from a crazy sojourn to Connecticut and belows.

I think I have less words than I usually do these days
but yeah

feeling pretty good
had a cold last week in the middle of the week.
I was posted up on Miles Ave, Middletown CT
much longer than expected, but perhaps and precisely
for the right amount of time you know.
Hadn't been back to Wes in 5 months, 5 months dontchaknow?

so i came into hartford like a dragon and left out through
the belly of the beast of it, the crust of the meat of it,
nycmaybe this past tuesday morning
and whoa i was dead on the plane
just dead
just dead you know
i had some good strange strange quakey kind of dreams..
i think all the movement got me finally you know,
caught up with me you know..
and came back home and hit the bed
hitting the bed..
do you like hitting the bed?

when you're away from home
do you ever think about your bed at home
your room at home.. like what's happening
to it and if i was there, and oh its so far away
particularly as you are sleeping in so many different
beds and places and seeing all these faces
and you have your suitcaSE and your bags
and your clean underwear and the shirts you want to
match up in the varying ways with the pants you bring
and the shoes and the layers all of which match your
layer of being
and the hellos and the goodbyes and the shining faces.
its just juice
cranberry or apple or
or maybe like that fresh squeezed
or something

that fresh squeezed that fresh squeezed face

so a track or a elevator or a moped and we are moving

like a staircase or a stepping stair
maybe staircase to heaven
or maybe just experience

umm i don't really need to answer any questions though
not too hard
not hard like it chokes me or anything

just easy like it rubs me
with a little friction

just easy or enough to get me moving or something

sometimes you are talking around what you are talking about
cause you don't know what you're talking about
really yet
or you are coming close
or maybe you just want to say
hey or something.
just say hello.
maybe you just want to say
i'm here.
i see you
or something?.

whoa and who'm i talking to? really
it's ok..
like i am talking to myself and everyone maybe..

i think i just really felt it was time to put some more words on here..
i've been doing the photo thing for a minute

maybe i should just say i feel pretty good and get on with it

i feel pretty good.

and we're still
moving rounds here


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