Saturday, July 14, 2007

From a girl named Kat

Hi guys!
On July 7th there were seven concerts around the
world, followed by parties in more than 10,000 homes
and communities - all with the focus of ending global
warming! The power of people coming together to
create change is both our essential liberty and our
essential power, and regardless if this whole "Global
Warming" propaganda is a bunch of BS or not, it's
definitely not bad to be conscious of energy saving
options we can utilize in our daily lives.

So I'm emailing this to ask all of you to sign the
Live Earth Pledge.
If enough people can be heard, our leaders in their
golden thrones (realizing now golden means money) will
be forced to take action on an even greater level.
But until then, every small contribution helps, and
your help means a lot.

You can sign the pledge at:
And you can learn more about global warming by
and various other websites
that can be found online.

Thank you guys and dolls for reading this and
considering these very simple steps.


1 comment:

  1. Global Warming and Climate Change is a real issue, perhaps the most important world issue we face. Climate change will affect our water resources, food resources, where we can live, how we live, and our overall health.

    People, especially Americans and those who live in urban areas, think that we are NOT apart of the life and ecological cycle. We have an impact. As individuals we CAN do something to improve how we live, how our resources are used, how long these resources will last.

    Quit waiting for some Official Big Head to tell you what's what. Take responsibility, Take action, NOW.