Friday, June 15, 2007

written friday not saturday when i am published

Oooooh. I am pretty excited. I am pretty friggin excited all of a friggin sudden...
(that was about 1 1/2 hours ago. Now I feel sober. BUt now I need still need to say some things..and I suppose I will regain the excitement factor. First I am enjoying this writing thing. There are many things to be said and I believe I am getting into the stride of this .. into the stride of moving about daily.. or settling like flour into motion.
Tomorrow I head out into people and I SHALL have my camera with me and I will be approaching those that appear approachable - Once in St. Louis, Senegal I approached a man who was a little unright to take his picture.. and it was strange.. it was strange.. something felt strange.. and a woman quickly pulled me aside.. maybe she knew I was a foreigner.. and somehow or anothere told me across the distances of our languages, that he was not all the way right in the head- such experiences. Such experiences... I suppose I shall keep at odd moments referring to previous interesting travel experiences.. they all stick in my mind because I have learned something or another from them. Either way I will be more than glad to be among people talking about the work I am doing. There is a thrill to the chase of the inevitable adventure.. no matter how seemingly insignificant.. I guess.. though sometimes there is no need to adventure..
When I first started this topic I was bound on talking about this beautiful brazilian dancer that came to Wesleyan and how when I saw him dance I thought my life was changed because he was literally flying across stage, combo ballet, acrobatics, and afro-brazilian. And how i would like to learn some acrobatics in my life. that can be handy for dance-making you know.

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